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A Modern WiFi Connectivity for BSD-based Firewall VM

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What does lpnRouter offer?

  • Modern WiFi Connectivity for BSD-based Firewall VM
  • Virtual appliance

    • Typically advertised by cloud providers, but you can use your local hardware
    • Limits hardware compatibility issues
    • Improved security, reliability, and performance through modern hypervisor features
    • Vendor and platform independence
    • Extensibility
    • Reduce development and deployment costs
    • Provide improved customer support
    • Good for OSS and OSF developers, since you can quickly rollback
  • BSD appliance

    • License
    • Sane defaults, simplicity, stability
    • Pioneering various technologies: OpenSSH, W^X, ZFS, Jails, sockets
    • UNIX continuation and replacement
    • Full disclosure
    • High-quality network stack

Software Stack:

Hardware Architecture:

  • PC Engines apu2
  • AMD GX-412TC, quad core 1GHz, 4GB DDR3-1333 DRAM
  • Ethernet 3xIntel i210AT NICs
  • WiFI: Compex WLE600VX Dual Band 5GHz 2×2 MIMO 802.11ac Mini PCI-e Module

Firmware Architecture:

Dasharo Secure Firewall (coreboot-based)

  • Immutable Root of Trust through SPI OTP memory lock
  • UEFI support through Tianocore Payload
  • coreboot Verified Boot and UEFI Secure Boot support
  • TPM support
  • TrenchBoot support – coming soon
  • Firmware updates through LVFS/fwupd – coming soon

Where lpnRouter can be used?

  • LoRaWAN gateway
  • LTE gateway
  • WiFi router
  • IoT gateway
  • Data storage
  • Dashboard server
  • LAN monitor

More information coming soon…


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