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RTE unboxing

What is RTE?

Engineers from 3mdeb designed Remote Testing Environment, which is Orange Pi hat, to help programmers in low-level development. It runs specially crafted Linux distribution using the Yocto Project. Our custom distribution is Open Source and can be found on our github page. What is more, our operating system provides REST API for key functionalities of RTE, for example flashing firmware, power on/off, reset, relay power supply.


In LPN Plant we are using Remote Testing Environment to perform long term testing of our embedded firmware. Thanks to this device we can run our tests from a remote virtual machine without slowing down our PCs. As a result, we can detect anomalies in long term operating of our firmware or make sure that our code is stable. Another use case is the situation where we are testing many platforms with different firmware.

Test framework

We are using a test framework written in Python: Robot Framework. The most important feature is its simplicity and readability. What is more, it has many embedded keywords which you can use in your tests. As a result, you can develop tests very fast. If a set of keywords is not sufficient you can easily create your own using Python scripts.

Unboxing video

We consider Full RTE package which is ready to run outside the box. You can find it at LPN Plant or 3mdeb shop. Let’s look what we can find inside.


Testing lpnMiner using RTE

As an example of usage Remote Testing Environment, I’ll perform a simple test on our lpnMiner – the Internet of Things node we develop in LPN Plant. Test script connects with RTE via SSH and flashes new firmware. After that, it creates Telnet connection to serial converter using ser2net and reads the output from lpnMiner board.



Remote Testing Environment is a very useful device for the development process. This device can be utilized by companies and hobbyists to ease testing and debugging of embedded firmware.


In LPN Plant we connect consulting, technical expertise and financial effectiveness to design and implement low power wireless solutions for industry. If you looking for LoRaWAN product developers or just need support in a small piece of your system feel free to set up call with us using calendly. If you enjoying this type of content feel free to sing up to our newsletter and share content on social media.


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