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Build Your Way To Industry 4.0

with our full IIoT infrastructure
and cutting-edge sensor technology

Is your industrial facility ready to save time,
measure customer insights,
and automate redundant processes?

We use the latest technology on the market to provide our clients with a complete solution that works right out of the box. We provide full IIoT infrastructure functionality with smart devices and cutting-edge sensor technology at a fraction of the expected cost.

Why Choose LPN Plant for an IoT Industry Solution?

There are four main benefits of incorporating our IIoT platform into your facility.

We Liberate Process From Imperfect Solutions

Proprietary infrastructure is an imperfect solution that requires numerous workarounds to produce results. Our solution offers independence from imperfect infrastructure and eliminates the difficulties of working with it.

We Increase Efficiency

By automating important industrial processes using cutting-edge sensory and measurement technology, you’re able to achieve more using less resources. This boost in efficiency will be felt throughout every level of your business—from the factory floor to your boardroom and the bottom line.

We Offer Greater Access

Our technology allows for sensing and measuring processes in difficult-to-access places. The most important product parameters you use can be monitored from a single workstation.

We Save Money

Are you spending huge sums of money every month on GSM technology? Although GSM offers valuable functionality, it just can’t compare to the cost-saving efficiency of LoRa.

The Internet of Things is here

The key to using this technology in an industrial setting is through Low Power Wide Area Network technology of the type offered by LoRa.

We use this technology to collect process data by sending small data packets from sensor nodes to the private cloud telemetry interface for your processes. This technology can send data across large distances, ensuring that even the largest industrial facilities can enjoy smooth operation.

Trust us for Integration
and Adjustment

Whether your interest in IIoT infrastructure is just beginning, or you have an existing solution you’d like to improve, we can help you with.

How Our Solution Works in Practice

Unlike our competitors we provide solutions that are guaranteed to work out of the box. Nobody wants to pay for a partial solution.


Additionally, our fully autonomous nodes can be updated directly through the wireless network, making system upgrades simple to implement. Similarly, system updates for our gateway node are automatic and highly secure.

Easy integration

We use fully autonomous wireless nodes to transmit sensor data wirelessly. That means that we don’t need heavy infrastructure changes to integrate our solution into your plant.

Green energy harvesting

We offer nodes powered through green energy harvesting.

Security protocol

Our gateway uses the industry-standard TLS security protocol, regularly updated to remain protected against unauthorized access. Packets send by and to the nodes are also encrypted using AES based technologies, providing data security.

Private cloud

Using our technology with private cloud server installed on-premises is perfect for organizations seeking to enhence security of their infrastructure. This way, your organization’s data does not leave the facility and you do not have to worry about the servers situated in the external data centers of third party cloud providers.

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